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Mass Email Update Nov 17 (in which I had not found my voice)

Posted by wendy on 2010/11/17

I still don’t have any set dates for surgery, as the plastic surgeon has to check his schedule, the O.R. schedule and my surgeon’s schedule, but I know I’m stuck waiting til after Thanksgiving, which is frustrating, to say the least.  In the meantime, he’s giving me iron to build up my blood count, because I’ll have to have transfusions during the surgery (but I won’t have enough time to donate it myself AND replenish). It feels like if he gives me 2 weeks to freak out over this, then….YES.  I’m going to freak out for 2 weeks.  haha.  I am calling my doctor this morning and telling him I need something for anxiety and to help me sleep.

Since I have issues with different areas of my breast (a cancerous mass in one area–removed–and carcinoma in situ in others), a lumpectomy is not the safest option, so they’re recommending a mastectomy on my right breast, and a TRAM flap reconstruction of that breast. He said I’m a perfect candidate for it, and a nice side effect is that I will be getting a tummy tuck out of the deal, because they’ll be using my stomach muscles and fat to build the breast.   It will all take place the same day and I’ll be in surgery for around 6 or 7 hours.  I will also have a reduction on my left breast, which will both ensure that I have some symmetry on my chest but will also reduce the risk of cancer in my left breast, since he’ll be removing a lot of tissue.  It will take around 8 weeks to heal and then he’ll hand me back to the oncologists and I’ll start chemo soon thereafter.

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