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Yesterday was much better than I thought it would be

Posted by wendy on 2010/11/20

I had a great visit with the plastic surgeon (shocker!), and they’re going to do my lumpectomy as a reduction.  It’s not ideal–but of course ideal for me would be to LEAVE MY BODY ALONE-haha.  However, I get to keep my nipples, which makes me feel a bit better–it’s like I’m fighting for every tiny bit of flesh that I can at this point–and they’re going to ensure that the scarring will wind up being the same as if I’d gone in simply for a breast reduction.  Dr. T pointed out if I simply went in for the lumpectomy, I’d wind up with a ‘shark bite’ out of my right breast–and it could be a fairly significant bite, depending on how much tissue he needs, so this does seem like my best option.  I’m trying to look on the bright side of this–cute bras from Victoria’s Secret and  finally being able to RUN without discomfort.  Those are good things.

Of course, the biggest, happiest thing for me is that my new active lifestyle can continue after this (I’m looking forward to that–Harry and I have a lot of exploring the world yet to do, and I can’t wait until we start doing that.  He is my rock.  He keeps me grounded in a way no one else can.  Sap, sap, sap, I know–but I kind of love that after two and a half years, he can still make me smile like an idiot when I think about him.

To top off my day, when I got home and checked my post, there was a package from my friend, Hillary, waiting for me!  Inside was the DEAREST little bee necklace and the sweetest, most encouraging note and it just made me so weepy.  I will just cherish it forever.   I felt like the Queen Bee yesterday–all buzzing with hope and good things.

I’m going to hold onto these days so tightly.

Queen B!

It's good to be the Queen

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