a little c

because I refuse to give it a big one

Oh Ambien.

Posted by wendy on 2010/11/28

My last post makes me cringe and giggle at the same time.  I mean, really.  REALLY.  Usually, I take an Ambien and go straight to bed (and seriously, I’d never sleep without it–I’m so glad my doc gave me a prescription for it), but I guess there’s an exception to every rule.

Tomorrow, I should have some idea of whether the refinance will work out and I’m kind of holding my breath until that happens.  If it goes through, we should be okay next year.  It’s not an ideal situation, but at least I won’t have to worry about losing everything while I can’t work.  And, hopefully, come the new year, I’ll be able to find something fairly quickly that will allow me to work around radiation/chemo and get insurance so I’ll only have to use Cobra for a few months.  Any more than that, and there’s really nothing that can help me.  But, I won’t think about that right now.

I put up a Christmas tree this year.  I hope it cheers me up a little through the season.  I’ve never felt less like celebrating than I do now, but maybe there will be some little spark of cheer along the way.  Hope springs eternal, eh?

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