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8.1.11 – Hey, Dillard’s kind of sucks (Update–Hey, they apologized! So I retract my statement of Suck.)

Posted by wendy on 2011/01/08

Sent this to Dillard’s customer service today:

I walked into the salon at Dillard’s in Decatur, Alabama today and asked the girl behind the register if walk-ins were accepted.  She asked me what I wanted done, and I told her that I  begin chemotherapy treatments in 3 weeks and that I’ve finally worked up the courage to get my hair cut short into a pixie cut so I could get used to it.  She said, “Are you sure?  Not everyone loses their hair.”  I said I was, and she…I don’t know how to say it.  I got the impression she was none too pleased that I had shown up.  There was a stylist standing at the counter listening, and she told the woman that she “couldn’t do me before lunch”, but that she would watch the register while the other woman cut my hair.  The woman behind the register said “Well, you’re the one who needs the money, not me!”.

I cannot begin to say how distressing it was to have confided in these two callous women today, only to be met with disdain and a very obvious unwillingness to cut my hair–to the point that they actually argued back and forth in front of me as to who would have to “do me”.  I finally spoke up and said “Never mind, that’s fine.” and walked away.  They  both called after me to come back–that she “was only kidding”, and the stylist actually said “She’s the manager!”.

The manager.  The manager of the salon at Dillard’s treated me like I was inconveniencing her to  an unreasonable extent by asking her to cut my hair.

I think the majority of women will say that they go to the salon to get their hair cut to feel BETTER about themselves.  Its generally a pleasurable experience.   This was not pleasurable–it was upsetting and humiliating.  I cannot help but wonder how many other customers this salon has lost because of the attitude of their staff.  It would not surprise me if that number was very, very high.

I will not be back.

I like to think something will be said.  I very seriously doubt it.  So, deciding to get my hair cut turned out to be a bit of a letdown.  I went into the parking lot and cried like my heart was broken for a good long time after this incident, and then got angry with myself for allowing them to make me feel so…contagious.  They have no power over me and the way they choose to treat other people is completely on them.   But, complaining did make me feel a bit better, so there.  🙂

UPDATE:  I received a really awesome apology from the store manager at Dillard’s today.  They’ve offered me a day of pampering and makeovers and have dealt with the offensive women.  I was in surgery when the email came through–I’m catching up with stuff now.  I am unsure I want to take her up on her offer, though.   I will have to think about it, but I think just being acknowledged is really enough for me.  I wasn’t looking for freebies when I wrote the above–just validation.

7 Responses to “8.1.11 – Hey, Dillard’s kind of sucks (Update–Hey, they apologized! So I retract my statement of Suck.)”

  1. Adie said

    What a couple of hateful bitches. I would call them little c’s, heh.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wendy. Wendy said: Had a traumatic moment courtesy of rude employees at Dillard's. http://t.co/s09Xb6U […]

  3. wendy said

    ❤ both of you. 🙂 I'm glad I complained–but, I'm VERY glad I walked out.

  4. susan(auntsmack) said

    amazing how rude people can be . . but it speaks more than that .. selfish behavior is what gets me . .
    cheering you on sister. . .xo

  5. Jett said

    I would like to know which location this was. DM it to me?

  6. heathre said

    i’m SO glad they responded so quickly – and most importantly, dealt with the nasty women. xoxo

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