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Posted by wendy on 2011/01/11

Still snowed in, but I did manage to get my tests  rescheduled.  If the weather and roads hold up,  I am getting my port inserted–installed?  Put in?  I feel hopelessly uninformed on occasion.  I expect I’ll be tossing these terms around like a pro in another month or so, won’t I?  But, I digress.  Um.   Port- Thursday.  MUGA scan is on Friday.  PET Scan is Tuesday.  Bone scan is Friday.  Scary results day is the 25th.

My Cobra situation is finally settled.  I’ve had to explain  my situation to so many different agencies, it’s just..frustrating and I really get down about it.  It’s hard enough to deal with and accept cancer, but dealing with financial stress on top of it all is just makes me so upset.  I hate feeling so upset all the time.  I look back on my life before cancer and I just MISS it so much.   I know that I’m  going to get through this–what choice do I have?  I just hope to get through it with a minimum of bitching.

One Response to “11.1.11”

  1. My heart is with you, Wendy. You are doing such a wonderful job on keeping all of this in such a positive light. If it was me, I’m not sure if I could do the same thing. Bitch your heart away, I think you’ve earned that right.

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