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Cranky McStabbypants

Posted by wendy on 2011/01/17

I have a PET Scan tomorrow, and this whole “no caffeine, low carb” diet makes me cranky.  I’m just into the 2nd hour of the 24-before period, and I already want a diet coke and some pasta.  I can’t imagine how irritated I’m going to be tomorrow–haha.  Every single test seems designed to make us as angry as possible beforehand.  smash smash smash.

I’m nervous about this one.  I don’t want to be.  I don’t want to be.  I feel like I just cannot emotionally handle any more surgery.  (and I’m so afraid they’ll find something else.  I just want the surgery bit to be OVER completely.  bah.)

On a happier note, I tried curling my hair yesterday, and I really quite like it curly.  I keep thinking how much self-portraiture helped me and my body image before–I think I need it now more than ever, because I don’t recognize my body anymore.  I’m already doing double-takes in the mirror because I can’t quite believe it’s really me.  The weight loss from last year, combined with considerably smaller breasts and short hair—who IS that girl?

Me. MeMeMe.  I think.

Me. MeMeMe. I think.

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