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PET Scan

Posted by wendy on 2011/01/18

Today was PET Scan day, and while it was not pleasant getting stuck again, the scan itself is mostly uneventful and super boring.

Mom and I got there at 10:30am, and they got me back almost immediately (they didn’t let Mom come with me, so this was yet another test I got to do alone–bah!).  Of course, my left arm has not healed up from last weeks round of sticks, (I’m covered in bruises), and they blew out more veins today–on the fourth stick, they found a vein deep in the inside of my elbow.  I’m not a fan of the nurses at the Medical Mall–well, I shouldn’t say that.  A few of them were sweet and compassionate–I explained before she stuck me that I WOULD probably cry when she tried, and blah blah stress reaction, blah blah don’t feel bad.  But, of course, I had an older, more commanding woman barking “keep your chin up!  don’t clench, because it makes your veins clench!”.  There’s a bitchy part of me that would like to see HER not clench when people are digging deep into your arms trying to find a vein.  OVER AND OVER.  Seriously, I get stabby just thinking about it.  hahaha.  So, they finally got the little mini catheter in, and then they took me to a room with a recliner and covered me in nice warm blankets.

A second nurse came in and gave me 2 shots at once–the catheter in my elbow looked like a cable splitter.  (radioactive isotopes and sugar water, apparently?)  Then, they told me to lean back in the chair and relax for an hour–no cell phone, no books (so my copy of “Notes From a Small Island” had to stay in my purse–sigh.).  I was mostly bored, but I did manage to nap a bit (weird dreams).  After an hour they came to get me and put me on the machine–it’s like a big tube.  I had a moment of  “OH NOES” when the table moved into the tube because I am not good in enclosed places, but it’s open at both ends, and occasionally, my head would poke out the other side.  Once the test started, I just had to be still.  I could breathe normally, I could blink–she encouraged me to take a mini CAT NAP DURING MY PET SCAN.  hahaha.  Nuclear Medicine Humor.

Once it was over, my Mom and I hit the Chinese Buffet and now I’m home.  So PET Scans are not scary, just really really boring.  The scariest thing about it was me not having any caffeine for 24 hours.  SERIOUSLY.

2 Responses to “PET Scan”

  1. margaret said

    warm blankets sound like a test plus. 😉
    and see? THAT’S why you want the port. fewer sticks. crossing my fingers you only get great nurses from here on. xo

  2. wendy said

    You know, I’ve been super lucky til then–maybe I’m spoiled by all the fantastic nurses at the hospital (because seriously, I have loved every single one of them). Yeah, it’s killing me that they can’t use the port for these tests. It would make my life so much easier. I have a bone scan tomorrow and I dread it, because my arm still hasn’t healed up. But, on the plus side, I get to eat breakfast, and I tend to be less stabby on a full stomach. 😉

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