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I am made of meat and bones

Posted by wendy on 2011/01/21

I’ve been seeing a lot of my skeleton the past few weeks, and I gotta say–it freaks me out a little.  ha!

Today was bone scan day and I want to once again profess undying adoration for the lovely nurses at Decatur General–she got me on the FIRST STICK today, that was her goal (and mine), and it was in and done before I really knew it.  AWESOME.  Once I got my injection (seriously, all this radioactive material and NO SUPERPOWERS? So totally unfair.) and they sent me away with the instruction to come back at 1:00 and be sure to drink at least 32oz of something–she said “it doesn’t have to be water”, which prompted a discussion with mom (she’s my test buddy) over whether or not 32oz of Vodka would be something allowable.  We decided that 32oz of vodka IS a whole lot of alcohol and I’m too young to die of alcohol poisoning, so we skipped margaritas and I stopped at a gas station and snagged one a 1 liter bottle of water to hydrate my body  (it worked super well, too–yay).


But, the real question is, WILL I HAVE MORE FUN? WILL I?

We ate lunch, then went to the wig shop to try on wigs  and the decision that I should be a blonde for the remainder of the year was unanimous in the shop.  I found something important out today:  1. real wigs do not feel like my prop wigs–they feel like real hair–it’s amazing!  2. real wigs do not have prop wig prices, either–the one in the shot is $314.  !!  Yikes–but hurrah for the term “cranial prothesis”, because while insurance won’t buy me a new wig, they’ll certainly pay 80% on a cranial prosthesis.  heh.  I called my insurance company today to confirm, and they said they just need a copy of the prescription (which my oncologist will write) and the itemized receipt. yay!).

Wow, I just digressed a lot there, didn’t I?  Where was I?

Oh yeah–bone scan.  I went back to the hospital, laid on the narrow little table, got strapped in and had a nice little nap while the machine moved up and down my body (one sweep over the top, one sweep underneath).  It took around 40 minutes for the scan to be complete, and then they let me up and I came back home.

I am exhausted right now–too much excitement for this girl, I think.  Naps are definitely in order.

2 Responses to “I am made of meat and bones”

  1. statia said

    I don’t know if I commented on fb, but dude, if you don’t get that wig, I WILL. What’s the name of it? Brand? I lOVE it.

  2. wendy said

    It’s from Raquel Welch’s line. She’s got some fabulous wigs, dude.

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