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I miss ME

Posted by wendy on 2011/01/31

I’m trying not to regret the haircuts too much.  It’s hard, though.   I don’t like having short hair at all, really–and I guess in a few weeks, that’s not going to matter very much, but right now I’m having a hard time looking at myself.  I miss having braids and pony tails and I hate how stupid my hair looks when I wake up.    ooo…I’m whiny today, I think.

I got hit with a pretty bad sinus infection this past weekend–it completely knocked me flat.   I was gutted–still am, actually–because I know M and I were kind of expecting that chemo would make me sick, but this was just a stupid sinus infection, you know?  It was so frustrating to be sick while he was here–I hate missing a single minute of enjoying having him near me–but, I can look back on the last week and be so glad he was here.  He took excellent care of me.   The more time I am with him, the more convinced I am that I made an excellent choice.

But, he’s gone now and I’m home alone and that’s not always a good idea for me, I think.   I think it’s a combination of “being sick” and “feeling tragic”.   I do feel sick and tragic today, for sure.  eh.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

2 Responses to “I miss ME”

  1. heathre said

    tomorrow will be better. and damn, you deserve a tragic mopey day now and then. although i prefer to say it “tragique” – so french and all. love you! xo

  2. wendy said

    hee. So very French. ❤

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