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And now my yoga mat is all wet.

Posted by wendy on 2011/03/04

There are few things more pathetic than a bald woman  weeping in her living room because she  can’t do a back bend anymore.   I know, I know.  One day at a time.  But, I am a sucky patient.  I have so much frustration over my physical abilities.  I can’t do pushups anymore, I can’t do backbends, all this “can’t do” is just so frustrating.  I know it’s irrational to expect everything to work the way it did pre-surgery–but it makes me so resentful.

I always feel guilty about being down over silly things–especially when I have such an amazing support system.  I got a little impossible box in the mail today from my friend Drew.  It’s the most amazing little carved box and I need to get a picture of it.  People are awesome.  I can’t do a backbend, but I don’t think I’d trade a single one of my friends to get that ability back.

4 Responses to “And now my yoga mat is all wet.”

  1. statia said

    No crying on your yoga mat. You’ll lose traction for the downward dog!

  2. wendy said

    Oooo, yeah. We don’t want that happening. Blood and chaos, Statia. I have no doubt.

  3. Beth said

    I understand the weepy over little things – I get that way all the time – backbends, not important. good friends and a dry mat – important 🙂 hang in there sweetie!

  4. wendy said

    Seriously, Beth. I can’t be having a wet mat. It’s just too dangerous. But, friends are good to have. 🙂

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