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I woke up at 5:30 with poetry in my head

Posted by wendy on 2011/03/21

No, really.  I totally did.  I mean, I have been meaning to write that Ode to my port for a while, and this morning, I was inspired enough to try a few different styles of poetry.  I’d considered eeking them out over a period of time, but the chances of me remembering this stuff are pretty small, so we’ll just have a poetry round-up right here, right now.

First up!  The Official Ode to my Port.  I really wish I’d thought ahead and just made that font a bit more flowery.  Just pretend it’s super scrolly and that there are butterflies and unicorns prancing around in the background, ok?

Oh! Port–my port
My left arm
free of bruises
asks me to send you


I’ve decided that since this mentions “breeze’, which is nature-related, that this is totally an official haiku.  Please do not call the Poetry Police.

hard tiny round disc
you have made chemo a breeze
yet ruin my neckline


This is a senryu about my port and a bit of an homage to my surgeon.  Aren’t you totally impressed that I know the difference?  Helloooo, I was  privy to the Santa Monica poetry scene for a super long time!  I know things.  Poetic things.

installed by Amish
flash some skin, but just a peek
cleavage is evil


Lastly, I have an offering of free verse for you.  It’s totally angry and aggressive!  I feel like I was channeling my inner 14 year old when I wrote it and frankly, I feel this piece would be much better as a live performance piece than just words on my blog.  I’d wear a black turtle neck carry a clove cigarette that I wouldn’t smoke…I’d just let it sit in my hand and burn, baby, burn.  Then, I’d flick into to floor as I was finished and you could all snap for me when I was finished and IT WOULD BE AWESOME.  Oh yeah.  I’ve thought about that one.  What?

alien tech under my skin
hook me up
shoot me up
make me sick to cure me

I really need a little pink diary with a tiny padlock so I can furiously scribble my angsty poems into it, don’t I?  Oh wait.  I don’t need that, because I have the internet.  HA!  Speaking of, I totally did decorate my port.  I meant to put a green stem up to my neck, but I’m actually still skeevy about touching that line.

It's CHEMOFLAGED! ahahahaha.


8 Responses to “I woke up at 5:30 with poetry in my head”

  1. heathre said

    oh my god, i’m laughing my ass off picturing the spoken word angsty wendy – you fucking rock, have i mentioned that lately??? xoxo

  2. wendy said

    I kept picturing Mike Myers in “So I Married an Axe Murderer”. It just felt right. hahaha! ❤ you.

  3. Jett said

    I haven’t checked, but I’d be willing to bet that theinternetismylittlepinkdiary.com isn’t taken.

  4. I am such a ginormous fan of you girl , you are one cool chick.. I would have given anything to spot that flower port design back when…i hated that thing….

    you are rounding third girl, if you are going through hell keep going..


  5. Amy said

    You’re. The. Adorablest. Evar.

  6. I am a friend of Joelle’s- and I read this because of a comment she had about how awesome you were, and I was curious about your blog. After reading it, I think you might be one hell of a woman…as someone in chronic pain, I really admire your strength. I will keep you- and your poetry- in my prayers…

    Carolina Taylor

  7. wendy said

    Thank you, Carolina!! 🙂 Joelle is pretty freaking awesome, too, I think. I loves her.

  8. Lika said

    Your poems are the best thing I’ve read on ports and chemo today (or ever?)!! They’ve really given me perspective. I love love them!!! Thank you a thousand times!

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