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There may be an ode to Taxol written before this is over

Posted by wendy on 2011/03/27

I had my first Taxol treatment on Thursday, and I’m blown away by how much easier this go-round has been.  There’s been no nausea at all and just a smidge of fatigue–I’m amazed by how great I felt on Friday and Saturday.  I am having a considerable amount of bone pain today–it’s settles in my hips and my legs, but my back is joining in on the “hey, I hurt too!” chorus.  I’m also dealing with shooting pains in my breasts today–it’s pretty common, post-surgery, I know.  Today it just feels more severe, but that could be because I’m already aching everywhere else, so I just notice it more.

Despite the pain I’m in right now–I’m actually feeling pretty optimistic with regards to my ability to deal with the Taxol for the next 3 rounds.  (Only 3!  ONLY THREE!!  I want to dance around at the sound of that.)

I really think I’ve had a fairly easy time of it, all things considered.  (remind me of that the next time I get too down about my situation, will you?)  I have hope that it’s just going to continue to get easier from here.

Fingers crossed. x

One Response to “There may be an ode to Taxol written before this is over”

  1. heathre said

    fingers crossed xoxox

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