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Wonder Women.

Posted by wendy on 2011/04/02

Wonder Woman!

My friend, Brenda of Geektress.com, sent me this awesome t-shirt last week!  Yes, this is my first time to wear it–wanna know why?  Because my son was there when I opened it and said “Dude!  Can I wear this tonight?”.  So, I said, “Sure.”  Huge mistake, cause you know a week and a half later, he’s worn it around 3 times and I haven’t even touched it.  I can’t blame him, it IS a pretty cool shirt.

Brenda is participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Columbus, OH on May 14, (you can read more about that here) and while I shall probably be busy gettin’ all radiated and won’t get to go, I still get to wear a badass t-shirt and be the Coolest Girl at the clinic.  That works for me, too.

I really have awesome friends, you know?  How’d I ever get this lucky?

Now, as you can see in the shot above–it is a gorgeous day here in Alabama, and I feel fantastic, so I think I may head out into the world and see what kind of hijinx will ensue in the Big Blue Room.  Happy Saturday, world.


3 Responses to “Wonder Women.”

  1. heathre said

    that shirt is awesome!!! have a fabulous saturday. xoxox

  2. Brenda said

    Haha! You tell him to get his own! Or at least tell everyone who asks where he got it to go to komen.geektress.com

  3. Carey said

    Rock on! You look so badass!

    ~Carey of Geektress

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