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It’s still pouring

Posted by wendy on 2011/06/13

In the last two weeks, I have…been stung by a hornet–not once, but THREE times (not the same hornet, mind you–there’s a nest on my carport that I need to take care of asap), contracted a rootkit virus on my laptop and subsequently lost everything (including the pictures from my last trip to England–I’m a backup fiend about my images, but I don’t usually move them over to the back-up drive until I’m finished processing.  Never again.  sigh.), dealt with a broken air conditioning unit (seriously–it was around 110 degrees in this house for nearly a week–it was horrendous), broken my very favorite mouse (it was red, it matched my laptop.), oh, and I started radiation therapy.

It’s been busy around Casa Wendy for a few weeks.

Radiation!  It literally takes me longer to drive to Decatur to get the radiation than the actual radiation.  I was a bit bummed, because I wound up having to get tattoos instead of dealing with the sharpie marks for the next month–they taped over the marks that needed to stay, and of course the tape was irritating my skin (me!  I’m not allergic to ANYTHING.  grr.  And, I did not want tattoos–cancer has left enough marks on me, I do not want to commemorate it on my body anymore than it already has been.).  The upside of the tats is that I get to actually scrub in the shower every day, which is a very good thing–and they’re tiny little pinpricks.  Barely noticeable.  They just dropped a bit of ink on my chest and stuck me with a pin.  (they called them ‘jailhouse tattoos’ when they gave them to me–hahaha!  It felt apt.  I’ve been sentenced to 28 days of hard driving back and forth to Decatur, Alabama.  Believe me–it’s punishment.  I hate driving to Decatur.  haha.)

I’ve also started doing a controversial thing.  I jumped into a tanning bed this week (don’t freak out!  I’m wearing my swimsuit over all my scars and bits and ho-has, etc).  I thought about it long and hard, and here is the thing–I’m not a freak about getting tan, in fact, last year was the first year in my life I’d even bothered to try.  But, I discovered that no only did I feel better with a bit of color on my skin…I also did not get sunburned when I was out and about (and that has been an issue for me my entire life).  So, I think that with this..as with all things, there are risks and benefits.  For me, the benefits outweigh the risks, because I think a sunburn is far more damaging to my skin than a slight tan.  (and yes, I could just stay inside or stay in the shade forever, but that’s not an option for me, really)


On the hair front–it’s growing back! I have leetle stubby eyelashes and eyebrows, and my head!  It’s out of control on my head, people!   I mean, yes, all of my doctors assured me that it would, but I’m willing to bet that pretty much everyone who’s gone through chemotherapy and hears the words “it will grow back” has moments of wondering if they will be the exception to the rule.  I know I had moments of thinking that I would wind up being the only person my doctors had ever seen who never got their hair back.  But, it IS growing back, and I can’t stop feeling it.  It’s a novel thing, this hair on my head.

You know, of all the hair I lost, I think my nose hair was the hair I missed the most, though.  Seriously–no one warns you about the spontaneous runny noses you get when you don’t have any nose hair at all.  I mean, who thinks about that stuff until it happens, right?  But, I am here to tell you, Dear Frantic Googler, when you lose your nose hair, you will get the occasional runny nose and there’s really nothing to be done about it but laugh–and, carry a box of tissues with you at all times.

3 Responses to “It’s still pouring”

  1. Sarah said

    That is a lot, indeed! Totally sucks about losing the pics..damn. As for tanning I say whatever makes you feel good that isn’t TOO harmful, go for it. 🙂

    I cracked up about the nose hair thing because you are right…never would have considered that. I’ll have to ask my mom if she had that issue, because I don’t recall her mentioning it!

    Lastly..YAY FOR HAIR! I would think I’d be the exception too. Totally get that.

  2. wendy said

    oooo..yes! Ask her! Cause that was such a weird little thing to deal with. hahaha!

    • shirley said

      I love your new hair , it looks very dark.

      As far as tanning goes, if it makes you feel better, you’ve already been through enough. Maybe this can be part of your treatment.:)

      Hope things level out and quit ruining your day.

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