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Hair!! Everywhere!

Posted by wendy on 2011/07/03

So, all this hair growing back is generally a good thing (although, if it had never come back on my legs, I would not have complained one tiny bit), but maaan–shaving my right armpit is an adventure.  I never realized how much you shave just by feel in places like that.  And, of course, that entire area is completely numb now so I have no idea if I’m getting hair or cutting the heck out of myself.  I just assume it’s going to be both and keep the Neosporin and band-aids handy at all times.

I can’t get over how quickly it’s all growing back–and I can’t get over how I kind of just…forgot that I am naturally a blonde.  I’ve dyed my hair brown for years now, so it was a bit of a shock to see all that blonde on my head.  It is equally a shock to see those silvery gray hairs (my nurses assure me it’s not GRAY, it’s just a white-white blonde, but I know when someone is blowing sunshine up my ass.  heh.).  I wonder how long it needs to be before I can start dying it brown again?

I hate the texture right now–I’m told that it will eventually feel like real hair again (and I’ve no reason not to believe that–so far, my onc has been correct about everything else), so I’m trying to be patient.  But, right now?  It still has that ‘baby hair’ feel to it.  But, I feel pretty comfortable again, so I’ve stopped wearing bandannas everywhere, and my wigs only come out occasionally.  But, the wigs do still come out when I want to feel pretty.

I don’t quite feel–okay.  See, here is where I say I don’t feel attractive, and this would be when everyone who loves me jumps right in and tries to correct me, so I don’t want to say I don’t feel attractive.  So, I shall say that I don’t feel like I look my BEST.   It’s that self-identity thing rearing its head again.  I may experiment with new looks and styles while I’m growing my hair back out–but I really, really cannot wait to have enough hair to put up in a ponytail because it’s too hot on my neck and always in the way.  Good times, people.

6 Responses to “Hair!! Everywhere!”

  1. Adie said

    You really are too cute. ❤

  2. CindyBeth :) said

    of course you are beautiful…and hair or no hair – I’m just glad you’re getting better. 🙂

  3. Jenna said

    Yayyyy! You look gorgeous! ❤

  4. HURRAY! you look so darn cute. Yes it is downy at first and a freakish color, other regions things grow in a different color than they were before go figure, and it did take a while to feel like normal hair, i too was the ponytail girl. But you, you carry off the short punky look so well, it looks on purpose and bold you go girl…and use an electric razor for your pit…the feeling doesn’t usually come back so it’s worth it…and i dyed it right away…what was it gonna do, give me cancer? 🙂

  5. wendy said

    AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Oh man, Lauren, you just cracked me up. Also, you totally have a point. I’mma be shopping for some Loreal very very soon. hahaha! (and THANK YOU.)

  6. your so cute I want to pet you. ❤

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