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Taking my vitamins

Posted by wendy on 2011/07/11

I was always crap at taking vitamins.  I’d buy a bottle with the very best of intentions, take them every morning without fail for about a week and a half, miss a day…then two…and before long, I’d have 5 bottles of multivitamins with a 1999 expiration date in the back of my pantry.  Actually, I’ve always sucked at taking pills, period.  Don’t even get me started on my adventures with Ortho.  heh.

However, when I joined Weight Watchers last year, I found a new resolve regarding Things That Are Good For Me, so I started taking a multi-vitamin every day, I also added Biotin to that mix–and I credit the biotin with the luscious long locks  I was sporting before this hit.  I never stopped taking my multi-vitamin or the biotin.  I actually invested in what I like to call my ‘little old lady pill organizer’–which, seriously, was a major reason I’ve been able to manage the plethora of meds I’ve been on since this whole adventure started.  I still use it for my vitamins–in addition to the Women’s multi, and the biotin, I take D3 and an iron supplement–and of course, my effexor (to control my hot flashes.).

Today at radiation, I had a woman mention that she couldn’t wait til her hair was like mine, so we chatted a few minutes and she asked when my chemo ended, and I shocked her when I told her that it ended in June.  (She actually made me clarify that it was “this year”.)   I really haven’t thought too much about how quickly it’s come back (I’m already having to wax my eyebrows again, lest I be mistaken for a blond Peter Gallagher) until today.  I had one word for her.  Biotin.

I’m a big believer in my vitamins.  I’m not going to get all Tom Cruise on your  asses and say they’ve solved all my problems, but my hair is growing back so quickly, and my nails look awesome (actually, I had zero issues with my nails during chemo–even the Taxol didn’t affect them).   So, yeah…take your vitamins, people!  They’re good for you.  And they even come in gummy form if you don’t like pills.

And, if you’re like me, and don’t like gummies–they come in handy pill form.   Yay!

One Response to “Taking my vitamins”

  1. Adie said

    I am loving the Annie Lennox look, you’re definitely rocking it!

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