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(hot) Flash Dance!

Posted by wendy on 2011/07/24


This is how I feel at least 3 or 4 times a day.

They’re baaaaack.  With a vengeance, seriously.  It’s the tamoxifen, I know–but, I’m kind of hoping that when I call the clinic on Monday morning (First thing.  I am calling first. thing.) they’ll be all “Oh, just take an extra Effexor and they’ll clear right up!”.  A girl can dream, right?

I remember her telling me this would be a side effect, but we were hoping it wouldn’t be too bad for me since I’ve been on Effexor for a few months now. Oh, lowest possible dosage of Effexor, you are doing me no good whatsoever at the moment.  le sigh.

Of course, the entire nation is stuck in the middle of a massive heatwave–no one is happy at the moment–but, seriously, there’s nothing quite like getting a hot flash when the heat index is sitting at 110 and you’re sitting in your car and your keys are swimming around the bottom of your purse and you cannot find them and I’m not sure WHY I thought buying such a huge purse was a good idea but, I’m just going to start using a safety pin to attach my keys to my clothes all second-grade latch key kid style and God help any impressionable children who may be within earshot of me when this is happening.  (“Mommy what’s a #@$%! purse?  I’m scared!”) Hey, I was desperate, people.

Hot flashes are so hard to explain to anyone who’s never had one.  It’s this…heat that comes from inside–not the fun, sexy heat that you get when a cute boy  kisses you, but a  really uncomfortable hotness that seems to start in my stomach and spreads out from there.  The worst area for me is the back of my neck/head.  My skin gets clammy all over, my face gets all flushed and I break into a sweat on the back of my neck.  (I know–sexy!)  I feel like I’m running hotter all the time, actually.  I sweat more at the gym than I did before–an hour on the elliptical and I’m drenched in sweat now.  That’s not a complaint–I actually like to sweat at the gym.  It’s more an observation.  I’m definitely  hotter now.  In so many ways, she said flirtatiously.

I lived through the last bout with them, and I’ll live through this one–I mean, I guess, ultimately, that is the operative word, isn’t it?  I will live.  I have to remember that when I get stabby over the little things.

I had some really nice reactions to my last post and I want to thank everyone who helped and thank you to those who passed along the link.  I appreciate it so much, and I so appreciate how supportive everyone was.  Thanks for not making me feel like a…a…I don’t know what, but the big black cloud over my head is a bit lighter now.  I made 6 sales over the last two days, which is really awesome.  I will be adding more shots (and items–I’d like to offer greeting cards–although, I may have to go through cafepress to do that.  I’ll update later.)  here, so if you know of anyone who would be interested, please send them my way.

14 Responses to “(hot) Flash Dance!”

  1. Uuuh yeah greeting cards, aand head bedazzle kits… once i was sitting at my boyfriends house and he looked over at me and without a word from either of us got up went to the garage and got a fan and put it in front of me…now i wonder if this is how i looked?

  2. wendy said

    ahahahaha! Yes. Yes, you probably did (although you probably didn’t have fangs.hehehe.). I just told a friend over on FB that it’s my version of ‘hulking out’. I like to think our hot flashes are more subtle than this, but then again, my boyfriend knows the second one of mine start in, as well, so maybe we really DO look like that. Which would actually be kind of awesome in a lot of ways.

    I AM going to sell some bedazzling kits. I really should just move the whole shebang over to etsy once I’ve got it all together.

    • etsy and the old majorly marketing girl in methinks there should be a way to target breast cancer people…ie conferences I bet ford would love to see some of your warrior stuff…fuze…

      run forest run.


      • wendy said

        ❤ You know, I kicked cancer to the curb–I am going to call up that '10 foot tall and bulletproof' feeling I had and see what I can't drum up.

        On a 'kids don't try this at home' note–that non-toxic red makeup that won't stain your skin? STAINS YOUR SKIN. For daaaays. doh! hahahahaha!

  3. CindyBeth :) said

    I just turned 50 but the hot flashes have been increasing over the past few months. I KNOW exactly what you mean about the neck and head. When the hell did my HEAD start sweating? Liking dripping. It’s icky. I wish there were just a switch you could kill and say “ok, enough hormones…I don’t really need you anymore. Thanks for the super fun ride, but you can leave now!”

  4. wendy said

    That’s the weirdest bit for me–how sweaty the back of my head gets, cause yeah–that never happened before. Heads are not supposed to sweat. Cause it IS so totally gross. Hormones. pfft! They’re so 1989. (which is the last time I really needed them, I think.)

  5. Joelle said

    You are so hot right now.

  6. wendy said

    I hear words like “beauty” and “handsomness” and “incredibly chiseled features” and for me that’s like a vanity of self absorption that I try to steer clear of.

  7. Lynne said

    I remember years ago hearing “older” women complain about hot flashes and thinking they were wimps. Well. Cosmic revenge has been severe, I assure you. Turns out they have been the ONLY symptom of this phase that bothered me. I turn bright red and sweat profusely from the head and face. During peak times, maybe 20 of these a day. On the plus side, with each one my brain goes into overdrive and whatever I’ve been doing, I instantly think faster and more clearly about it. Like in the movie Limitless. Weird.

    • wendy said

      I’d say that’s not a bad trade-off, but there must be some way to keep the hyper brain activity and lose the flashes. Science needs to find a way, I say!!!

      Sadly, my brain doesn’t want to work better in that situation–it just wants to get home and stand over an air vent. hahaha–stoopid brain.

  8. While there are no quick and easy answers, there is hope. Going up on the Effexor doseagen often DOES work, so that Monday mnorning call to your doctor may have some advantage for you. In addition, ask about Vitamin E. At our clinic, the oncologist allows after chemo has finished for patients to take Vitamin E 400IU two times a day. Check with your doctor! In addition, sometimes the blood pressure medicine, Catapress patches at a very low dose can be used as well. Then for the other things my patients use: cooling pads for the bed ( at Walmart as well as Walgreens), cooling towels ( at Bed Bath and Beyond) and lots of fans as you have already seen. Oh…finally, if you are game, several patients get relief from hot flashes from acupuncture.

  9. Sarahnoid said

    The lowest dose is 75mg, yes? Or have they upped it since I started taking it years ago? If you’re at 75mg, or even 150mg, you’re still at a low-low dose of Effexor. I’m on 300mg currently, the max dose, for the cray-crays. (Though my doc was sweet and said “we have options if it fizzles, don’t freak.”)

    As for the hot-flashes, thanks for describing them. Sounds like how I get when I have blood drawn. Yuck. And not fun. I’ll be going through the real thing soon, as I’m having my broken box and parts removed in a week or two. (My own wee c.) My doc did mention hormone therapy to me–a gel of some sort–but I don’t know when I’ll be able to start that. Mood swings, eh, I’ve lived with those for 36 years cos of the Crazy, but I’m not looking forward to the hot flashes. I do not like to be hot. Bleh.

    (Also, my print shipped on Friday–so stoked to see how it will turn out on the metallic paper!)

    • wendy said

      It’s actually DOWN from that now (mebbe they’re made it more effective?)–I’m 37.5 at the moment. Did I call this morning? Oh of course not–I got distracted by shiny things. hahaha! Although today was a good day, I’ve only had around 3 that I can recall. (Of course, as I type this? Guess what’s happening? hahahahaha) So. Four.

      Girl, I didn’t know you were dealing with it, too! Imma put you on my mojo list RIGHT NOW. ❤

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