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Pip the Therapy Dog, My First Mammogram, and a Pretty Awesome Website

Posted by wendy on 2011/08/12

He always looks this worried--especially if there's a camera in his face.

As I type this, Pip the Amazing Therapy Dog is snoring peacefully in the crook of my leg.  My right foot is completely numb, but am I moving?  Oh no.  OH NO.  Because Pipping snoring is about the cutest thing in the world to me, and I’m going to let him sleep.  Being a Therapy Dog is hard work.  (Actually, I kind of think being a Therapy Dog is a pretty cushy gig–taking care of a Therapy Dog?  Full time job, people.  The Pip is pretty high maintenance.  hehe.)  I admit (freely and without shame) that I love my dogs to the point that it should be embarrassing for me.  But, Pip has been with me through a messy and sad divorce, a stressful cross country move to begin a new life, and of course, breast cancer and all the bits that came with that.  His brown and white fur has soaked up more tears than I can count, and his ears know secrets that no one else will ever know.  That whole ‘man’s best friend’ adage is most definitely true.

I was thinking a lot this morning about my first mammogram and I’m not sure I ever actually wrote a post about it.  It was, I am ashamed to admit–just last year after I found my lump.  I KNOW. BADNESS.  Do as I say, not as I do, people.  Get a mammogram the second your doctor suggests it.  This is your LIFE we’re talking about.  Putting it off is Not Good.  And, generally, we are all about Things That Are Good For Us, verdad?  😉

I think…no–I KNOW–that part of the reason I never got one was fear.  I mean, how many of us have heard how much mammograms hurt?  We get these horror stories from all around us of bruised, smashed, flattened breasts and it just sounds so awful–I mean, who would voluntarily put themselves into that kind of pain, amiright?!  Here’s the thing…Dear Frantic Googler…my mammogram did not hurt.  It wasn’t even remotely uncomfortable.  Seriously.  Zero pain, zero discomfort.  I actually felt a little sheepish about how completely terrified I was over a mammogram.   Seriously–I’ve squeezed my breasts harder trying to get them into a sports bra (when you are a triple D cup, squeezing into bras is a way of life).   I admit to being hopelessly uninformed about what mammograms used to be like…mine was digital–maybe that’s the difference?  The woman who did it “knew what she was doing”?  (I get that one a lot, so if anyone out there has had a horrendous time within the past year or so, feel free to speak up and let us know!  But, I’m betting more and more, the ‘norm’ is what mine was–noneventful.).  So, please–talk to your doctor about your fear if the thing keeping you from getting your first mammogram is the idea that they’re going to smash your breast as thin as a piece of paper, because I don’t think they actually have to do that anymore.

Finally, women of the Cancerchick Nation (and esteemed readers/lookie-loos/lurkers/friends/family/Frantic Googlers)–there’s a new networking site that I think you would be interested in, and if you are–please spread the word.  It’s called I Had Cancer, and it’s a social/support network for people who have fought/are fighting/have been affected by cancer.  I love the idea of bringing survivors and fighters together in one arena–I know what a fantastic thing it was for me to speak with other survivors when I was diagnosed, and I am completely in love with the idea of maybe helping someone else who’s just starting their fight and commiserating with other people who’ve already trudged through the battlefield that is cancer (I mean, when you get right down to it–isn’t that why we’ve all started blogging about it?).  So, if you’re interested, head over and set up a profile!  You can find me here.

4 Responses to “Pip the Therapy Dog, My First Mammogram, and a Pretty Awesome Website”

  1. You are wonderful. I wish Pip the amazing therapy dog could meet scout the wonderdog.


  2. Sarahnoid said

    Is Pip a ‘hua?

    I’ve got a Therapy Cat asleep on my foot right now. It feels like my damn foot is on fire because this is Texas and Liam is a long haired fatty fat. But he’s my long haired fatty fat and he can sleep on my foot if he wants to.

    Also, dude–thank you for linking that site. The day or two before my surgery, a gal who had the same surgery messaged me and we got to talking. Helped millions. Millions!! I’ll be writing more of a post on it later on my site, but today, I kinda threw my sucker in the dirt so I think I’ll hold off. It was just one of those days.

  3. wendy said

    ooo…Lauren, one day!! 😉

    Sarah—he’s a Fox Terrier/Chi combo. He’s got the little apple head, but a stout little bod. 😀 And, seriously, along the way, I have left more suckers in the dirt than I can count–we all have, I think. It’s allowed. I’ll buy you another sucker. 😉 ❤

  4. Meeta said

    ohhh I LOVE the pic of Pip. I think you need more pics of Emma and Pip. Just sayin’ 🙂 And aren’t dogs the bestest comfort around? I can’t even tell you how much Shakti means to me every day.

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