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Hey, those fancy movin’ pictures are nifty!

Posted by wendy on 2011/10/04

Seriously, I should have prepared something instead of trying to wing it.  It’s never pretty when I try to wing it.  🙂  But, hey, that’s me up there, being my usual awkward self, trying to thank people and rambling on about hats and hair instead.  I am blessed with the best friends in the world, the best family in the world–and hey–I am also bless with meeting the best total strangers in the world.  If you’re reading this now, just feel free to assume that YOU are awesome and move forward with your life secure in that knowledge.

It’s Day 4 of the Boobiethon and they’re going strong over there–there’s a tweeting contest happening right now that you should totally try to win, and of course, they need both boys and girls to donate pictures.  My dear friend Pete is auctioning off one of his gorgeous pictures for me, and I am beyond overwhelmed by all of this.  I feel like I keep repeating the same thing over and over–thank you, thank you.  But, it is sincere and it is from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you.  Thank you to everyone who’s donated, thank you to everyone who’s passed my site along.  I feel so completely undeserving of such amazing support, and I look forward to the day that I can pay it forward.

I am so lucky.  I am.  I can never say it enough.  Thank you.

9 Responses to “Hey, those fancy movin’ pictures are nifty!”

  1. hillary said

    Bitca surprise kitty is better than real kitty and I love SURPRISE kitty!

  2. pete said

    you are so ridiculously cute and I love you to bits.

  3. Kathy said

    I always forget what a cute voice you have lol. You are very deserving. Don’t forget that. 🙂

  4. Tam said

    Oh, woman, I love you so much, it’s disgusting. *grin*

    In Wicca, there’s the rule of three – basically whatever you put out there (good or bad), you get back 3 times as much. You’ve given us all so much in your little ways that we’re firing it right back at you, threefold. I can’t think of anyone more deserving… And now I’M going to sign off before I start crying.

  5. Ginger said

    You are class all the way, baby. Thank you for showing us how how beautiful a person can truly be.

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