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Relief and Gratitude and a House Guest

Posted by wendy on 2011/10/09

I have a mouse.  He is freaking adorable, but he is not allowed to live in my house so the game of Catch or Kill is on.  I prefer “catch”, but if I have to resort to “kill”, I’ll do it, because mice aren’t very good house guests at all.  They use your good towels on their muddy feet, don’t put the little wrappy thing back on the bread, and put empty cartons back in the fridge.  I’m pretty ruthless about empty milk cartons.

I’ve spent the last week in a kind of frenzy of gratitude and excitement and fear.  The fabulous people who particpated in the boobiethon netted me $2,555.  You know,  the ‘thon has taken its fair share of flack over the years, because Komen was the main recipient (and for the boobies)–but, in case anyone ever tries to criticize them because the women who need it don’t benefit–send them to ME.  Send them here:   I am a breast cancer survivor and the Boobie-thon has just paid for the next 4+ months of my COBRA.  I don’t have the proper words to say how much this has meant to me.   I’ve tried thanking everyone who donated to me (I think I thanked a few of you twice–haha) and it feels like it was just this litany of “thank you, I’m overwhelmed, and OH MY GOSH!”.  hahaha.  If I babbled to you, I apologize.  I really was completely overwhelmed.  Thank you Mel for doing such a fantastic job as the organizer, and thank you Statia, for nominating me.  I love you guys so much.   I’d be remiss not to mention that Pete’s image  went up to $350, and my very good friend Jason is also auctioning off a shot for me (it ends Tuesday).  I have such amazing friends.  I really do.

Don't freak out--I was stopped at a red light when I snapped this.

There is a sense of relief that this little bit of attention is kind of over for me now, though.  I have to admit–I felt like HIDING a lot last week.  I have no idea how I suddenly became The Shy Girl, but oh maaan—I just felt so completely undeserving of all of the kindness directed my way.  I couldn’t look at my stats, because I’m so used to the 20 or so people who read this and when there’s suddenly 700 views on your blog…it’s scary to feel so opened up and vulnerable.  I’m not used to it.  🙂  Overwhelmed.

Physically, I’m doing really well.  The hot flashes haven’t gone away completely–but, they have subsided.   I think I had one yesterday.  Hurrah for Effexor!   My hair–much to my chagrin–is very curly.   DO NOT WANT.   Seriously, I actually had a moment yesterday in which I missed my wigs desperately.  I feel terribly ungrateful for disliking my hair, because–helloooo, at least I have hair, right?   WHINGING!  I should stop that.  I’m just super lazy and hate fixing my hair every day.  Seriously I do not get how short hair is easier.  Ponytails are easy.  Massive amounts of hair gel are not.

What a difference a week can make!!!  For reals, people–my biggest complaint about my life right at this second is that I have to fix my hair.  I’m going to stop and just enjoy that for a minute or two.

10 Responses to “Relief and Gratitude and a House Guest”

  1. {♥}

  2. Michelle said

    You are a rockstar 🙂

  3. Lauren said

    you are just freaking adorable. Yes but from a chick with poker straight hair that came in curly, it is WONDERFUL when it gets long again, such body…

    • wendy said

      I think I just have to get through this awkward stage and I’ll be fine with it again. It’s at the point that it just looks uber stupid if I don’t do something with it and that makes me crazy. I need to go back and look at bald me and remember how lucky I am to have hair to complain about. hahaha!

      Thank you, though–it’s nice to know I’ll have something good to look forward to. 😀

  4. Wendy, this post was awesome to read. I’m so happy for you! And YAY some good news from the Komen camp and that it benefitted YOU. Yippee!!!!! 😉


    • wendy said

      Yeah. Komen needs to step it up–the more I read, the less impressed I am by them. But, the girls who run the Boobiethon are AWESOME and I love them. What. A. Week. Instead of concentrating on the anniversary of finding my lump, I was completely distracted by my birthday shenanigans and all of the ‘thon stuff. I’d like to get distracted EVERY year. heee. ❤

  5. I am so glad that I sent a photo in to the Boobiethon for its final year. Dollars were out of the question this fiscal season, but boobies! Finally not with the boy/man who didn’t want my tatas online. So glad you are doing well. I hope you will like the curls when you get used to them. My hair has gotten curlier every year of my life (never from chemo, fortunately). My fave products are ION (at Sally Beauty) and Aveda’s Be Curly. The ION is definitely a better bargain and what I currently use. Product is key when you are of the curl. Also glad to “meet” you via the Thon.

  6. Oh yeah…regarding the furry guest. I agree that catch is preferred, but do not hesitate to progress to kill if necessary. May the Force…

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