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I wanna be a lover, not a fighter

Posted by wendy on 2012/01/20

My artwork is full of fighty imagery--in reality, I've only been in one fistfight in my entire life--I was 12, he broke my wrist. I've dedicated my life to loooove since then, people.

Really, I do.  I’ve pondered my Other Side choices here before–there is so much more to me than the cancer survivor label, and there is a part of me that rages against making that one of the important things about me.  I want to move ON.  I want to be past all of it.

Of course, the truth is that I’ll never be completely past any of it.  I will spend the rest of my life sweating out test results and keeping an eagle eye out for every lump and bump that shows up on my body.  That’s not going to go away or stop.  But, I don’t plan to spend the rest of my life talking about it.   I’ve talked about this before, I know.

We’ll discuss stuff here when it comes up, and I am more than happy to be your go-to example for a survivor’s perspective on email forwards or C&P’s on Facebook…but, there is more.  There is so much more.  There is life to be lived–and a thing I really love right now is how very little the c-word comes up in day to day conversations.

In boring fitness news, my body haaates me this week because I’ve gotten back into yoga, which I love–how do we get out of the habits of healthy living so quickly?  I was at the gym nearly every day, and then suddenly I’m right back working an ass-groove into the couch.   It flummoxes me when I think about how very, very lazy I have become–especially as a proponent of “healthy living saved my life!”.  I mean, that remains true.  And, I want to liiiive, people.  I have way to much stuff to do this year and I cannot allow that groove to get any deeper.  Yeesh.

In other news, I am indeed off to England this April and feels so far away, but it gives me time to get my cardio back up where it should be (because the entire country is UPHILL.  BOTH WAYS.) while I wait.


PS – aw, this is my 100th post!  Finally.

6 Responses to “I wanna be a lover, not a fighter”

  1. First visit to your blog. I I like the way you think/write!

  2. From an old hippie: Make love not war!

    However, just when you think you can leave the crap behind, Komen starts acting up again by withdrawing funding to Planned Parenthood to provide mammograms for poor women. Think maybe I’ll take up kick-boxing so I can kick their sorry butts.

    Then I’ll stretch out afterwards and get my zen back.

  3. wendy said

    Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!!!!

    Kickboxing Komen. Alliteration AND Catharsis. 😀

  4. 😀 Need to update my “Grumblers for the Cure” blog badge…

  5. wendy said

    I need to stick that badge on my sidebar!!!!

  6. Oh wow, I missed this before. Yeah I hate the war, survivor crap. Totally sucks. Love, love, love.

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