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The Break-Up

Posted by wendy on 2012/01/31

I rarely research stuff over here.   I mean, I’m not a professional journalist, or a professional blogger.  I suppose I may qualify as a professional cancer-haver, but I’d rather not have that moniker, so let’s just sit back and marvel at the fact that the recent decision for for the Susan G. Komen foundation to withdraw funding for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood has actually gotten me angry enough to do a little digging.

So.  Hey.  Dear Susan G. Komen.  We need to break up.  It’s not me, it’s you.  It’s you and your endless merchandising of the disease that kills thousands of people every year.  It’s your litigious nature.   It’s the constant, uneasy feeling I get when I start reading about where the millions of dollars you make actually go.  It’s withdrawing your funding from Planned Parenthood–it can be spun any way you like, but the truth is out there if someone wants to dig.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctor did not ask me what my political or religious beliefs were before he broke the news.  Cancer does not care if you are a Democrat or a Republican.  Cancer does not care if you are pro-life or pro-choice.  Cancer.does.not.care.   This latest move is disgusting and transparent, because clearly the Susan G. Komen foundation does care what side of the fence you’re on.  (I just ended a sentence with a preposition–damn, you Komen!  I blame you for that, as well. )

Planned Parenthood is responsible for making sure women of all economic levels have access to screenings and referrals, but women who have health care aren’t going to be the ones who use PP–it’s the women who don’t have health care.  Those are the women I’m thinking about the most tonight.

I lost my job and was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time–no, really.  I missed the big plant meeting when the Veeps came down to tell the plant that it was closing, because I was at my gynecologist’s office getting my lump checked out.  I was lucky–well, I use that term loosely–I lost my job, but I managed to pick up COBRA.  Not everyone is that lucky.  Do you know how hard it is to have your income go away and have your bills go UP by another $450 a month?  Yeah.  I’m pretty sure some of you actually do.   :/

So, I’m breaking up with you, Komen.  And, the saddest bit is that I kind of think you won’t mind.  I’m not in the demographic that you deem worthy of helping.

Alternatives to Komen for donations?  Breast Cancer Action.  And, of course, Planned Parenthood could also use a hand.  Or, hell–find someone going through treatment and use the $20 you were planning to give Komen to buy them something nice.  Or just give them the $20.  Trust me.  Lasagna is nice, but cash pays the utility bills.  🙂

24 Responses to “The Break-Up”

  1. statia said

    #1 I love you, and I don’t feel as if we’re communicating enough lately. I LOVE YOU.
    #2 Do large companies (I mean, lets face it, this is a profited organization, put a pig in a dress, but…) not fucking REALIZE BY NOW, the power of the god damned internet? Have they been living in a hole the last five to ten years? Or specifically the facebook and twitter years? Let’s call it the Smokey the Bear has given up years? Because it’s a fire that cannot be put out. Instant publishing, people. Get with the fucking program. How can a company clean up their mess after something like this?

  2. wendy said

    I do not know how they don’t realize the backlash from this will be swift and terrible. But, now I’m all distracted by the logistics of getting a pig into a dress and the visual is making me laugh and laugh and this is why I love you. No matter how stabby I am, you make me giggle. I love you.

  3. CindyBeth said

    Money does ugly things to everything it touches. including what was meant to be good at one time. it has ruined so much. this makes me so sad. but you are so right. the real reasons and real needs get clouded by the dollar signs and those that have control over them.

  4. Thanks for writing this tonight. I am SO pissed off at the SGK foundation. I wrote to them to let them know, posted on fb, but your post says it so much better than I could.

  5. Sarah said

    Yes. You rock. And the Komen Foundation is totally screwed. The backlash from this is gonna be HUGE, Internet Mob style. 🙂

  6. bob said

    I would so take you on the rebound:)

  7. Kerry said

    Thank you. I have been anti-Komen for a few years now, solely because of the merchanidising and the high salaries/overhead. So little of the money they raise goes to actual research or patients, it’s hard to believe. And the worst part is when I see these commercials they have, or the ads, and I think about how much that cost, how much that money could help others. Then there’s the people who, just because it hasn’t occurred to them to research the organization, spend so much time and effort fundraising for them. I always feel like an ass when people ask me to do a fundraiser, and I have to ask who the recipient is. The good news, though, is that my whole family knows, and understands – my husband’s office was doing a fundraiser in October, and he told the office manager (upon finding out it was Komen) that he couldn’t because I would kill him!

    So yeah. Usually, breaking up is hard to do. Not so much this time, huh? It’s sad, though, that an organization that started with such pure motives has gone the way of complete corporate greed.

  8. I “broke-up” with Komen a while ago already. They seem to be losing touch completely. Withdrawing funds from Planned Parenthood is a disgrace. Thanks for digging. Thanks for writing this post.

  9. Reblogged this on ihavebreastcancerblog and commented:
    Here you go – another opinion. It’s time to tell Susan G. Komen to go away. There are smaller, more caring breast cancer charities out there.

  10. WHATTT???!!! =( And I was all set to make a committment to raising money every year at the 5k here in my area. Damn it! I can’t believe this. Of all the people who could actually benefit from these screenings…..how do you take money away from PLANNED PARENTHOOD?! Seriously?? Hmmmph. Thank you for sharing Wendy….I’m going off to contemplate my actions now….=(

    Love you, tough cookie! xoxox

  11. I never even knew who the Komen Foundation was until some woman at work began bugging me to give money for a 5K race that I WASN’T ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN because I am a man. I am the sort of person who gets bothered by inconsistencies like this, wanting money for a disease while refusing to allow half the population of givers to be a part for some odd reason. So I contacted the Susan G Komen Foundation in Houston. They gave me odd, inconsistent answers. And then I noticed that they had a permanent office in Memphis, which costs a lot of money. And it seemed odd. And then all the money and the women in the office disappeared and was reported stolen. And then the story, too, disappeared. And lots of Komen money disappeared here, there, and everywhere. And yet the news said not a word because Komen is pink and you don’t ever speak ill of the pink. And then the NFL forced its men to go pink even as one of their own players was on the sidelines with a man-cancer the NFL ignored. And I began to smell a big, fat rat. Something stinks in Houston. Something stinks at Komen. And it isn’t about this latest abortion thing. It’s about something inside the Komen foundation itself.

  12. Right on, Sistah.

  13. Carole Baran said

    and don’t forget the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for donations! http://www.bcrfcure.org!

  14. Mark Nickerson said

    I’ve been anti-Komen for years now. Politics aside, you hit the nail on the head when you talk about merchandising a disease. They have somehow made breast cancer “cool”. And that sickens me. Glad to have you solidly on the side of goodness and light now!

  15. Tricia said

    I shared this today. You are amazing, my friend. Thank you for bringing awareness and a realness to this issue. Love you!

  16. Natalie said

    Beautifully said, passing it on! Appreciate the research as it’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to such moves. Also wanted to bring up that there should be plenty of anger directed at the person who got this ball rolling (and perhaps the organization as well)

    To quote Connie Schultz, “On Dec. 16, Komen President Elizabeth Thompson finally told Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards that their relationship was over. Rules are rules, she said, and Komen’s had changed to prohibit funding for organizations under government investigation.

    This is how easy it is to trigger that new rule: Last September, a single member of Congress — in this instance, anti-choice Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns — called for an audit of Planned Parenthood, which has long been a target of conservatives.”

    Let’s not forget in our disgust and anger at Komen, that there are powerful people and organizations who set this in motion, and they need to be held accountable to our collective attention as well.

  17. Lisa said

    You always make thing so clear to me. I love the way you write. I love your passion. I love your heart. I just love you!
    Thanks for keeping some of us informed.

  18. Signe said

    This is an excellent post. I’ve shared it on Facebook and Twitter because you say what needs to be said, and you do it so eloquently.

  19. Lesley Storme said

    How can you not support plan parenthood? Wake up people!

  20. HTA said

    I broke up with Komen when I unloaded a bag of chicken feed from my trunk and it was pink with the ribbon. Come on! Chicken feed?? That’s just a perfect example of how mercenary the foundation’s outlook is.

    After reading what you found out, I’m doubly glad I did.

  21. wendy said

    You guys are all awesome. I was overcome with life (and possibly with poring over the news-haha), so I didn’t get a chance to answer everyone individually–I suck!!

  22. Jamie Walker said

    Wow. You’re going to not continue to support an organization that has given billions to cancer research, awareness, prevention, and treatments because they didn’t write a check.

    A check to an organization 4 times larger than themselves.

    A check representing 0.06% of the organization’s annual budget.

    A check for an organization unable to show how that additional 0.06% would fund anything that would otherwise go unfunded.

    Screening and referrals? You mean the same screenings I can do at home. Referrals? REFERRALS? They need 750k a year to keep an excel sheet of doctors that they can give to me to call?

    How about letting Komen give me a voucher for actually paying for that referred doctor. Or letting Komen give the money to the doctor that actually follows up. Planned Parenthood doesn’t need a “little taste” for being the middleperson. A billion dollar middleperson.

    I want it cured and I don’t want billion dollar companies like Planned Parenthood complaining because they’re not getting a piece of the action.

  23. wendy said

    Hi Jamie! No, I won’t be continuing to support an organization that clearly has a political agenda that is in opposition to mine. I won’t be supporting an organization that will put its name on a pink handgun or a bucket of fried chicken or a perfume that’s been manufactured with ingredients that have been linked to breast cancer. There are better ways to spend my money.

    The fiasco with PP was just the straw that broke this camel’s back. My break-up with Komen has been brewing for a very long time. 🙂

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