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Good News.

Posted by wendy on 2011/01/26

My PET and bone scans were excellent-YAY.  I cannot describe the relief in the room–A and M were both with me when I got the news, which made an awesome moment even more stellar.

I will have 8 rounds of AC-T chemo (in fact, I start tomorrow, which manages to startle, terrify and excite me all at once–I love the M will be with me for my first treatment.  In fact, A is taking the day off as well, so I’ll have my two favorite guys with me.  Good things.).  We’re going to go every two weeks, which means I’ll go in the next day for a shot of Neulasta to keep my white blood cells up.   If the effects are too adverse for me to bear, then we may have to look at going out to 3 week intervals, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good reactions.

I would write more–I have loads of mental vomit that really really needs to come out, but you know, M is here with me and I am going to spend this one last day of normalcy with him and we’ll tackle tomorrow together.


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