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Ms Cranky McStabbypants

Posted by wendy on 2011/04/11

I cannot decide if my least favorite side effect from the Taxol is the bone pain or the hot flashes.  Perhaps, I’d take either/or, but of course, I’m getting them both at once this weekend and it’s…oh.  Tiresome.   It’s the nature of curing cancer, I suppose.  You change meds, you trade one set of unpleasant side-effects for another set.   I will say that I’ll take the way I feel right now over nausea any day.  I mean, this sucks–but, it’s not debilitating.  (Well, a little–I mean, I’m definitely not up for running around the block, but I could take a careful stroll around the backyard if I needed to.)

I’m doing some reading on ‘chemopause’, but I think I need the M-filter to go to work on it as I keep finding ‘OMGZ IT’S FOUR YEARS LATER AND I STILL HAVE HOT FLASHES!” stories.   I like to read about the happy endings right now.  And, on the ‘happy endings’ note, I have a PSA for the general public:

If you run into me while I’m out and about, please do not approach me and then tell me about your <insert relative or friend’s name here> who fought a long, hard battle <insert lurid details of radiation burns and chemos gone wrong> with <insert type of cancer here> and died <insert the exact date and time said tragic death occurred>.  Seriously, dudes.  GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING RIGHT NOW, M’KAY?  I’m going to be completely selfish here and say that now is not the time for me to be bonding with total strangers over their losses.  I’m going to be even more selfish and suggest that it’s not cool to remind cancer patients that they have a disease that could kill them.  Cause, we already know.  We do.  Really.  REALLY.   So, you know, the next time you walk up to a profusely sweating bald girl in the supermarket, think before you speak.  Because the hotter I get, the less likely I am to be polite about it.

PS – The hot flashes are making me stabby.  Does it show?

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Posted by wendy on 2011/03/29


I look so serious.  But, then again, bedazzling one’s head is pretty serious business, I should think.

The bone pain has lessened considerably, therefore my love affair with Taxol continues.  Because I really am loving this no-nausea deal.   M and I are sneakily plotting and planning a trip in between Taxol treatments–because if this keeps up, I think a wee bit of travel might do me some good.  I’ve always believed that my convalescence should totally have been in England, dammit.  We shall see.  I’ve also got to work in a trip to Michigan to see my family there, as well.  ooo..dig me and my inability to sit still!  People to see, places to do.  I am a busy woman and cancer needs to step back and realize I simply do not have time for it anymore.  Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way, does it?  pfft.

36 days til chemo is over.  Then, I get to play with the radiologists! eeeeeee!  Gosh my summer is going to be chock full o’ fun!  😉


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There may be an ode to Taxol written before this is over

Posted by wendy on 2011/03/27

I had my first Taxol treatment on Thursday, and I’m blown away by how much easier this go-round has been.  There’s been no nausea at all and just a smidge of fatigue–I’m amazed by how great I felt on Friday and Saturday.  I am having a considerable amount of bone pain today–it’s settles in my hips and my legs, but my back is joining in on the “hey, I hurt too!” chorus.  I’m also dealing with shooting pains in my breasts today–it’s pretty common, post-surgery, I know.  Today it just feels more severe, but that could be because I’m already aching everywhere else, so I just notice it more.

Despite the pain I’m in right now–I’m actually feeling pretty optimistic with regards to my ability to deal with the Taxol for the next 3 rounds.  (Only 3!  ONLY THREE!!  I want to dance around at the sound of that.)

I really think I’ve had a fairly easy time of it, all things considered.  (remind me of that the next time I get too down about my situation, will you?)  I have hope that it’s just going to continue to get easier from here.

Fingers crossed. x

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