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A New Tradition!

Posted by wendy on 2012/09/21

Grab ’em if you got ’em–oh wait.

Pinktober is coming and I suspect that I will be getting super cranky around this time every year.  Yay, tradition!!

So, yeah…Pinktober.  Let’s play a game.  The first person to send me an email asking me to change my status to my bra color will get poked with a stick.  A VERY LARGE STICK.  It’s a prize befitting the winner of that particular game, I think.  Do a stupid, thoughtless thing–get hit with a stick.

Whaaat?   sigh.  Okay, okay.  We’ll be non-violent about it.  Public shaming and a good long Shunning.  Less violent, but hopefully just as effective.

So, I jest…and yet, I mean it.  Don’t you DARE ask me to play a flirty little game that’s supposed to be about cancer, but is actually about titillating the opposite sex.  Don’t send me your memes about ‘raising awareness’ by playing coy sexually oriented games.  Flirt with the boys on your own time.  I’m aware of cancer.  Trust me.  I’ve ridden that particular ride at the fair and believe me when I say there was nothing sexy or flirty about it.  If I ever forget about cancer, all I have to do is look down at the tangled mess of scar tissue running across what is left of my breasts.  I don’t want to hear ‘save the boobies!’.  We need to save the people.  We don’t need more awareness.  We need more action.  We need more money FOR RESEARCH, not for ‘promoting awareness’ or ‘rebranding your tarnished image’.  (Oh, Komen, how can you bite me? Let me count the ways.)

So. Pinktober is coming and we can’t stop it, but, I reckon we can talk about it.  Buying a pink spatula and feeling fabulous about yourself because you’re ‘helping the cause’  by promoting awareness is…well, it’s lame. (not that a pink spatula is lame, because a pink spatula is faaabulous–it’s the ‘cancer awareness’ angle that kind of sucks)  We’re aware–I mean, do you know ANYONE who doesn’t know about cancer?  Do you?  We. Are. Aware.  What we need is a goddamn cure.  (It’s kind of amazing how quickly I’ve become extremely cranky about this subject.  I used to be so mellow.)  😉 ( L’empress mentioned in the comments below that prevention is even more important–she is correct.)

Put down the tissues with the pretty pink ribbons emblazoned on them and do something that matters. If you want to celebrate Pinktober, then give some money to Breast Cancer Action or sign up to participate in one of the many Army of Women‘s studies.

Lest I end on a cranky note–how about another give-away?  The publishers of “The Breast Cancer Survival Manual” and they’re willing to send a free copy to one of my readers.  So, comment below (you don’t have to do anything beyond that, I won’t make you jump through hoops) and I’ll draw a winner next Friday (Sept 28) at 8:00AM (GMT).

Sorry for not getting this posted sooner–many things happening in my life at the moment. 🙂

We have a winner!  Congrats to Cindy Beth, who was lucky #3:

15 Responses to “A New Tradition!”

  1. I love this!

  2. yes yes YES

  3. CindyBeth said

    Save the people. yes.

  4. l'empress said

    Good post!

    I just wanted to say, yes, we need cures. (Actually, I had one.) What we need even more is a way to prevent it.

  5. Great post. After studying human anatomy and physiology this past year, all I can say is oy! What a complex and complicated piece of machinery it is.

  6. Renn said

    That is exactly my plan of attack! Any time anyone posts anything about “pink” on Facebook, I reply with THINK BEFORE YOU PINK, PEOPLE! With a link to BCAction. And we can never talk enough about the Army of Women. To me, that is THE best thing any of us can do. To participate in a simple study. It doesn’t cost any money. It provides valuable info. You don’t even have to have breast cancer to qualify for some of these studies! Thanks for reminding me, I am overdo on talking about this on my blog! xoxo

  7. Heather Emory said

    Save the people. Find the cure. Release the cure.

  8. Jen Soals said

    Yes! Save the people! And educate about annual whole body check-ups, and screenings. There are many forms of cancer (sadly). Having known men and women survive and pass on from this little c this hits home. Let’s rant! 🙂

  9. mlissabeth said

    Well written, and very much agreed. Let’s see some real action, and help find a cure!

  10. Hi Wendy,

    I’m catching up on my reading…finally. Your post is excellent. My gosh, it’s like you read my mind. And I got notice to participate in one of those cutesy Facebook games. My instinct was to go all postal on them, but I decided to delete and ignore. There’s no talking sense into some people. Breast cancer is not a pink party, but a devastating disease. I wish people were aware of THAT! Great posting!

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