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It’s business to them, to us, it’s personal

Posted by wendy on 2013/10/07

Pink is not as prevalent here in the UK as it is in the US during October.  I’ve been preparing myself for the deluge quietly, waiting for it to hit, and..it’s not that bad.  Of course, living in the UK doesn’t keep me completely protected from The Coming of the Pink,because there is always the internet to take up that bit of slack.  I want to be done with blogging about cancer.  I want to not think about it.  I want it out of my life.  But, it’s never really going to be gone.  There is no cure.

I am going to hurt a lot of feelings this month.  But, then again, hurting people’s feelings around October is kind of what I do, isn’t it?  I’m always willing to be the bad guy when it comes to letting your friends know how insulting Facebook status memes about bra colour actually are to those of us who have had to deal with cancer.

But…I have to share, because I realized instead of getting angry over these, what about just sharing directly with the women involved WHY it’s such a horrible meme?  So when the latest meme about vacations hit my inbox, I shared–and THEY LISTENED and there was like…a dialogue happening and hey, we’re not just talking pink ribbons for awareness, we’re talking about mets and I got to link them up with our own brilliant Accidental Amazon’s amazing post about Pinktober and while a few feathers were ruffled at first, I think we all walked away understanding things on both sides a bit more.  You know, so I was all calm and mellow and enjoying life this morning.

Until Statia sent me a graphic (because she thinks I’m cute when I’m full of rage–ha!) proclaiming October 13 to be National No-Bra day–‘set the boobies free!’, it proclaims.   They’re not raising money for, well…anything.  Apparently, it’s just an excuse to get their kit out and talk about boobs for a day.  It’s maddening, because it’s happening on October 13, which is Mets Awareness Day.     I’m not linking their website.  I’m not sending them any more traffic than they already have.   (you want to see it, feel free to google it up)   I’d try starting a dialogue with them, but I am officially dialogued out.   I’m just…disgusted and sad.

Do me a favour–if you run across anyone–ANYONE advertising this–please, please sent them to this link: http://mbcn.org/developing-awareness/category/mbca-day/.  Let’s keep the focus where it needs to be.  Especially on the 13th.

One Response to “It’s business to them, to us, it’s personal”

  1. The Accidental Amazon said

    Wendy, my dear, I’m glad I helped you initiate a dialogue, and I’m sorry that the consciousness raising ultimately left a little to be desired. Just when you think you cannot possibly encounter anything more tacky than what we’ve already seen this month, you do. *sigh* Our friend over at Feisty Blue Gecko skewered ‘No Bra’ day rather handily, I thought, echoing the sentiments of many.

    It never ends. It probably won’t end until sexism ends, along with the cultural obsession with breasts that goes with it. And for that, I fear we have a long wait.

    Good to see a post from you, though. And yes, I’m tired of blogging about cancer, too. xoxo, Kathi

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