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(get) Busy Living

Posted by wendy on 2013/08/02

There is dust everywhere around here, isn’t there?  That’s actually okay by me.  I’m content to let the dust settle around cancer for a while before I have to wade back in and kick it all up again.   (see how I used a water AND a dirt metaphor there?  MUD PIES FOR EVERYONE!!)  Actually, I hope I NEVER blog here again.  I hope this part of my life is over, but I’m realistic enough to know that it may not be.  There is no cure for cancer.   Sometimes, it comes back.

Happy & Grateful.BUT.  Right now, this moment…today…

I’m doing really well. NED left and right.  I live in England now with my fabulous husband and my adorable dog and I miss my son like AIR, but I also get to see him nearly every night on skype AND I get to give him a big squeeze in a few weeks, so that’s a good thing.  Everyone likes to remark how happy I look–and they would be right.  I am incredibly happy and satisfied with my life.  It is everything I could have possibly wanted it to be.  I do not take this for granted. I am grateful every single day for this incredible gift.

SO.  Yes…

Sometimes, I feel like this is all borrowed time–I’ll wake up and that ache in my hip or the weird mole just above my scars (why didn’t they just cut that sucker off when they were CUTTING OFF EVERYTHING ELSE???) will turn out to be  Cancer Again and then I guess I’ll be back here documenting the hell out of everything that happens to me–but, until that time I am living my life.  Cancer can suck it.  I have adventures ahead of me and I am going to keep track of all of them here.



2 Responses to “(get) Busy Living”

  1. The Accidental Amazon said

    Wendy, dahling!!! It’s so wonderful to see a post from you. I’ve thought of you so often in the past months, wondering how you were doing. I’m so glad you are still dancing with NED, happy, settled & all that. I have been taking a break from the whole C thang myself, at least as much as my doctors will let me. Still awaiting my fifth year’s mammogram…

    I will miss you if you never write another post, but I hope you don’t have to. Much love to you!! Kathi

  2. Hi Wendy,
    So glad to read this post and find out what’s going on with you. Contentment is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Here’s to lots more of that. And yes, you do look happy and quite lovely too!

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